3D Scan and 3D Print

3D Scanning Service:

3D scanner which was developed fort he Internation space station at first can scan your products in there minutes. The speed of scanning 7.5 fps, it scans one million points in a second and precisron is 0.02 mm.3d scaner is able tos can tiny objects and models with every detail.We can scan an object that we have, trasform intro the digital World and copt exactly the same one with our 3D scanners.


3D Printer Service:

You can put into practice your dream design with the help of our 3D printers in low prices.The only thing you need to do isto deliver the design us.Furthermore, you wan’t be dealing with the technical details.We will design your products in 3D printers and deliver to your address.

German made RepRap x1000 3D printer was developed to print.3D objects and multivariate objects in high industrial quality.The capacity of our machine is 1000x800x600 mm.


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