Plastic Part Analysis

Moldex3D and moldflow Analysis programs provide innavation for plastic injection industry.By conducting these two programs, after designing the product it is possible to simulate the injection process on computer and that helps to salve the unexpected problems before production.In these two programs, the analysis is done by using finite element program and you can overview the geometry of the piece, thickness change, runner entrance change with simulation before started manufacturing.
It’s enough for us know the name of the model and the product’s name on the market.With the information new ideas to make necessary corrections and do the simulations below.
1.Plastic Filling
1.Plastic Filling
2. Cooling Quality
3. Sink Marks
4. Weld Line Locations
5. Air Bubble Locations
6. Plastic Flow
7. Fill Time
8.Sink Marks Estimate
9. Injection Pressure
10. Flow Front Temperature: Slow the temperature distribution during molding process.
11. Pressure Drop:Eeasy to find out where the high rise will ocur in the piece, if 
The pressure drop and injection pressure drop and injection pressure results are investigated by comparing.
12. Skin Orientation: Shows the path of plastic in vektorel aspects in details.
13. Surface Temperature Variance:Varienc  ‘+’ and ‘-’ areas.
14. Freeze Time Variance: Freeze  Temperature Variance:Varienc  ‘+’ and ‘-’ areas.


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