About Us

We started operation  of Milimetrik Molds in 2008. Since our institution was founded, we have been the first on this field.We have achieved to be the well-known and trusted label on plastic injection mold sector.By using the advanced technologies.

We proceed following the vision  of being the most succesfull institutian, and  practisina the latest technological advances.

Since we were founded, we have been the licensed users of Soldworks, Moldworks and Splitworks.

Since 2011, we have been serving NXcad, NXcam,  Moldflow, Moldex programs to our customers.

Customer satisfaction and high quality are impartant for our works. Our approoch is focusel. On the customer and productivily.

As a milimetrik mold.We are operating in many sectors as outomobile, white goods, electric, electronic elevator, medical, defence industry.

Moreover Üçünçü Binyıl is the Office of plastic injection Mold designing engineering the first and most successful training centre on this field.


Milimetrik plastic injection Mold Manufacturing
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